Polenta Valtellinese

This traditional dish of the Valtellina is one of the most popular in all mountain locations in Lombardy. In addition, when served warm and stringy, it is ideal with sausages, cote chino (Italian pork sausage), mixed mushrooms and onions, depending on the recipes.
The peculiarity of the polenta Taranga, which makes it different from the other types of polenta, resides in the buckwheat: the traditional yellow flour is mixed to the brown buckwheat flour, creating a unique flavour. The polenta Taragna of the Valtellina, distinguishes itself for the cheese used: the Bitto and Casera.


250 g di butter, 100g di yellow flour, 500 g buckwheat flour, 250 g Bitto cheese, salt, water.


Pour about 2 litres of water into a pot and make it boil. Sprinkle the two types of flour, mixed beforehand, and cook, stirring for about an hour. Add crumbled butter and cook for 10 more minutes. Add the finely-sliced cheese and stir well for a couple of minutes, till the cheese melts. Then pour the polenta on the wooden chopping board and serve.


an hour and a half.

Difficulty:   medium